HealthBlitz referral development services are available for physician, employer and other healthcare markets. Our audits determine untapped growth opportunities and can serve as a valuable framework for aligning strategic priorities. HealthBlitz turn-key teams and interim management excel at growing high value service lines in competitive environments.

Referral Development Services

  1. Audits to determine the untapped growth opportunity
  2. Advisory to equip teams with tools needed for greater achievement
  3. Interim Management to step in during periods of leadership change
  4. Turnkey Referral Development when the situation calls for an additional team of outreach professionals to negate losses,  reach new markets, build volumes
  5. Strategic Plan Development to quantify goals, objectives, tactics and markets in anticipation of higher accountability and return for the referral development investment

Case Study: CHRISTUS Health

CHRISTUS Health, an international Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit health system comprising almost 350 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities, 175 clinics and outpatient centers was in a situation where each of their regions was operating fairly independently with regard to marketing and physician relations. They contacted HealthBlitz to help them align their hospitals marketing and related staff with the highest strategic priorities of the system.

HealthBlitz conducted an audit of each region’s marketing departments. In the final report, HealthBlitz:

  • Suggested enhancements to the system marketing function
  • Defined staffing and priorities
  • Demarcated specific tactics for achieving a focused, streamlined marketing function for facilities
  • Recommended specific service lines and geographies for focus
  • Pinpointed short-term opportunities for volume and market share growth/retention

As a result of the marketing audit, HealthBlitz was asked to audit the system’s physicians relations programs. HealthBlitz realized the following outcomes from that audit:

  • Developed an “at-a-glance” rating chart of all facilities and regions with regard to established “best practice” physician liaison program guidelines
  • Consolidated system and regional best marketing materials/ protocols
  • Created a published Physician Liaison Toolkit for use by all regions

CHRISTUS continues to work within the framework provided by HealthBlitz and was asked to share the experience and present the results of this successful audit at the national SHSMD Connections conference.


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