HealthBlitz provides the research clients need to understand their markets, fine-tune their services and ward off competitors. Our research services include:

  • Surveys
  • Phone or in-person 1:1 interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Environmental reviews

Case Study: Hospice of the Western Reserve

Hospice of the Western Reserve (HWR), the Northeast Ohio leader in hospice care embarked upon a Campus Master Plan development project with a local architectural group and retained HealthBlitz to assess the growth potential for hospice and related services in an increasingly competitive environment.

Specifically HWR wanted to understand regional demographics and penetration of hospice services within their service area, determine if additional clinical and non-clinical services could augment their current offerings, and determine projected future need for educational space.

Via a combination of statistical review, demographic analysis, internal leadership and market interviews, a review of the national environment of hospice as well as local competitors and their market penetration, HealthBlitz was able to provide HWR with a comprehensive findings report and prioritized recommendations based on the impact they would have regarding expansion of facility and services.

To date, Hospice of the Western Reserve is implementing various HealthBlitz recommended tactics related to growth and positioning while the feasibility of physical space expansion is still being considered.


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